1. Chugging a beer

The Buzzed Ghost: Lesson 1
E: A long time ago, a woman lived in the city.
Z: She lived in a basement under the brewery.
E: She worked in the brewery.
Z: The problem was she kept drinking the beer while she worked.
E: She loved drinking beer.
Z: One day the boss walked in and saw her shagging chugging a beer.
E: She didn’t excused herself make an excuse for chugging the beer she just say because I love beer.
Z: The boss got very angry and his face turned red.
E: The boss said “you want to quit this job?”
Z: She said, “why don’t you just chill out and join me for a beer.”
To be continued…

I made a terrible mistake. When I wrote down what I hear had heard, I had wrote ‘shagging’, I couldn’t listen hear chugging correctly. I didn’t know both either words. My face burned with shame. 😲  😳  😅