My blog is about my journey and experiences as I strive to learn English. I sometimes will write my travel experiences, about Japan and sometimes my daily thoughts, etc, all in English! I hope this blog helps to improve my English.

Posting process
I write some sentences before a skype English lesson, but they are sometimes terrible. So my teacher puzzles over my sentences, while he puts me through torture correcting them.🤕 Thus this blog is completed with a bunch of help from my teacher. He is sometimes a title master, as well.
Those corrected sentences are inRed“. My unknown words are inBlue.”

Who am I?
I’m Em, a beginning learner of English, living in Japan. My English is often terrible and I’m sometimes embarrassed when I speak it. But I think “Smile it away!” 
I like traveling and learning new things (or improving on the things I do poorly). I’m interested in taking photographs and cooking (mainly Japanese, now). But actually, I like eating more than cooking. However, I want to tone my body, so I often go on a diet and do exercise.😅
Although I’m a little shy, I hope to make a few trusted friends using English. This is one of my big dreams. I’ve given up learning English many times, out of frustration, but I always find myself coming back to studying English because the challenge is part of the reward.